Ahhh. I am finally using this blog for what I set out to do; procrastinate my writing.  Last Sunday I was amazingly productive, so I figured I would try this Sunday as well. I have my laptop set up in the office, my water, my tissues (screw you sinus infection), and an eclectic collection of writing music. So far, I have eaten second breakfast, and browsed Twitter. Off to a great start.

On the subject of writing, I think about the own stories we create in our lives. Sometimes we have to take a step back from what we are doing and live a little. My case in point– this past Thursday. Often I will avoid making plans during the week. I have a lot of goals this summer. Have a completed draft by September. Be more fit. A sewing project or two to finish. But my coworker wanted to visit our work gym for the first time and was hesitant to go alone. Figuring I can always use a workout, I offered to go with her.

What started as a simple workout, ended in a night of hilarity and pizza. We have to remember to live a little. Between work and hobbies, and ever important sleep, there must be time for us to create our own stories. Not even 11am and I am getting super philosophical here. This calls for a second coffee. Time to get some work done.

Wait. I also wanted to share this article by David Barnett (courtesy of my Twitter browsing): The one piece of advice every aspiring author needs to know

Or, how not to obsess over writing advice. Which I personally have a tendency to do, and then get scolded for. Anyway, I found the article helpful. Maybe you will too.


It is funny how we measure things. Most of my day was spent working. Which, was not horrible, but, also not notably wonderful. Happiness stacks just like sadness, though I feel we notice the latter more. That is why there is the saying ‘when it rains it pours’, and not one ‘when the sun shines it…’ well I don’t really know what it would do after that. Explode in a fiery mass, dooming mankind? That took a turn.

Last night, my Father helped me figure out the science I was struggling with in my story. And while I was researching something he had asked me to find, I got the epiphany my characters were going to have. Eureka. I have been struggling with that for weeks, and it finally feels like it is coming together. Tonight, I had the best workout I have had in years. Kicked my but, and I loved it. Now, my cat is curled up in my lap, and I am reading a book after almost two months of barely anything. Not the best of books, but it was part of a series that I wanted to finish,  and really it’s not that bad. Just falls into a lot of cliches. I knew that going in though, maybe that makes a difference. And maybe I kind of like it.

Sometimes I measure my days by the time I spend at work. That is fine and all, work plays a very important part in our lives. This week so far (it is early I know), I am measuring it by my evenings. We are not expected to be happy all the time, but right now I am pretty darn peachy. WHICH, for those of you who likes peaches, apparently they are supposed to be really good this year. I tested this theory myself by buying four, and proceeding to eat three in one night. Anyway, happiness. Right. Peaches. Happiness = peaches. Also I have been trying to wake up extra early now, to get things done in the morning. So far successful. But I am le tired. 10 points to anyone who knows what that is from.


The Importance of Idols

Let me start off by saying, as far as Idols go, my Mom and Dad are #1. I am thankful that they are so supportive in my life, and I am constantly inspired by both of them. When I was child I didn’t really care about anyone famous. To me they were unrealistic and unobtainable concepts of people. Fictional characters were another story. I know, so much more realistic. Namely, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

Okay, yes, I still obsess over them. No, my husband will not let me name our first born son Indiana.

Anthony Bourdain was probably the first ‘famous’ person who inspired me. I was in love with his show, No Reservations, and made my Mom buy all his books for me so I could read them. Thanks Mom! This was at a time where I read nothing other than YA Fantasy, so his writing opened up a whole new genre for me.

A little back story on me as a teenager. Specifically my eating habits. I was such a picky eater that we had a list on our fridge of food I would eat. I am not sure how many meals were listed on there, but if you ask my Stepfather he would probably say no more than ten. Now at this point I already had been bitten by the travel bug. It was like something clicked when I saw my first episode. It was the one where he went to Cambodia.  I think my Mom saved it because she knew I was obsessed with going to Cambodia (I still am, and will one day go).

Food and travel. What a wondrous mixture. I binge-watched as many seasons as possible. I read both Kitchen Confidential and a Cook’s Tour. Bourdain taught me how important food was to a culture. That it was more than just food, but a way of life, a history. And I wanted to try it all. I probably will never be able to go all the places I want to, but food fills some of that void.

So now I force my husband to eat all my ambitious cooking. Or, when I fail spectacularly, make him go out to eat at a new place. And dragging him to other countries when we can. Bless his homebody soul for putting up with my wanderlust. Also for making sure I don’t get hit by bicycles. I am a magnet to their two-wheeled power.

It is sad that we have lost Bourdain, but in the wake of his death it made me realize how important Idols are. I can’t say that everyone famous (or not famous) is worth your time, but I think it is inspiring to look up to people who are hard-working individuals. People who try to open our eyes, who try to make a difference in the world. Whether it be with writing, or music, or just being a decent human being. I like to follow people who motive me to be better, to work harder. Because when you see these people giving their all, it motivates you to as well.

Book Sale Bargains.

Maker:L,Date:2017-9-17,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-YI tried taking an ‘artsy’ photo, but decided to go with the Titan photobomb. He is something else. Earlier he attacked a mini propane tank sitting on the floor. I guess it was a threat.

So as you can see, I got a few books at my local library’s book sale. I have already started One Hundred Years of Solitude in audio book format, which is good, but hard to follow as some of the characters have the same name. I am excited to start reading it, but I am now in the depths of Children of Blood and Bone (which is living up to my high expectations). For Wicked, I have seen the musical at my local theater, and I was pleasantly surprised. I have never been very interested in the Wizard of Oz or any of its retellings. The Crichton book I grabbed is called Pirate Latitudes, and honestly I only grabbed it because, pirates. I love pirates. Do I totally romanticize them? Yes.

Finally got some writing done, bringing my WC to 50k. Probably won’t get to my goal of 60k by May 1st, but that is okay. I am going slow, making sure I like what is being written, and not just trying to fill the page.

Sad news today in the EDM community. Avicii passed away at the age of 28. Whatever reasons contributed to it, he was a very talented artist, and one of the few that I actually purchased their album. Spotify had a playlist ready scarily fast, but it has been nice listening to all of his music today. I forgot how many songs I loved.  I guess that is all we can do when an artist passes away. Remember why we love them, by reliving what they have produced. Whether it be music, movies, or traditional art.

Self-Service Writing

You know that fine line between things belonging in a story and things just existing in it because the author wanted it to? Well maybe it is not such a fine line, but as a novice writer I fear I might be doing that. I probably am if I have to ask the question.

Okay. I know I am doing it. I think the hard thing about this being my first book, is that I want to jam everything I have ever liked or had interest in, into it.

I already learned an important lesson in NOT giving the reader what they want all the time. It is hard at first because, you are your first reader. But soon you will see the benefit of non-instant gratification. *Eats ice cream right after dinner despite being full because, ice cream.*

No writing yet this week. Though I did some research. Lodestones. Makes for a good ‘oh shit’ word. But no. Lodestones. I think I am on to something, a plot hole finally filling up with content in my mind. I will mull it over with my second helping of ice cream.