I wrote something, yay! I has the words. Not too much, but a whole scene. It could be the fact that I fell asleep at nine last night after an evening race. I didn’t make my goal time, but I opted to start farther back to socialize. Oh well. It was hot, and with 10k+ people, there is no room to move. It was the kick in he but I needed, because I fell asleep halfway through my beer, and slept all the way till the morning (Friday is my off day). I feel re-motivated now. I have been writing some backstory too. Nothing that will be put in the novel, but I figured if this becomes a real thing then why not post it here? I guess only time, and hard work will tell.

In the fangirl world, BTS released their new album today. I think my favorite song  so far is Outro: Tear. Maybe that helped to motive me as well. New music is always great. Speaking of, their interview with Buzzfeed was awesome. That is the right way to do an interview with non-English speaking peoples. I mean, the puppies helped too.

I also found a perfume I really like, Tori Burch Just Like Heaven. It smells like lilacs. I never wear perfume, it is hard to find ones I like because a lot of scents really bug me. So what a success all thanks to my co-worker’s recommendation. AND, I know, no one cares about this, but I found a great pair of, joggers? I think that is what they are called. On sale in the men’s section at my local sporting goods store. They are Nike brand and way better build than anything in the women’s section. I like to have leisure clothes for when I am on the plane or just want to chill at home not in pj’s. Oh, and, last one I swear, I found a new book to read, even though I am on a reading pause at the moment (the lies we tell ourselves), called A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. It is a YA book that one of the YouTuber’s I follow recommended. Her name is Chelseadolling reads. She is super cute and has totally different taste in books than me, but I still love watching her.

It has just been a great week. Which is nice, since I felt like the last three left much to be desired. I should have titled this: Things I like. But then again, I like a lot of things. So the list would go on and on.

Spring sense of mind.

Finally. Living in the northeastern United States, I should be familiar with ‘fake spring’, but it doesn’t make it any easier when it snows in the middle of April. It has been a crazy past few days, between hosting a bridal shower, and a whirlwind trip to go see Frozen on Broadway (more on that later). I did my first paint and sip this past weekend as well. It was really fun, but the perfectionist in me did not like the time limit. Something that would take me a full day, done in two hours. No wonder they serve alcohol. Despite all of that activity, I have been writing and reading, AND I went for a run yesterday. Which is good, seeing as I have a race this Saturday.

Running is really important to me. It is the main reason I lost a good chunk of weight a few years back (that and not drinking Snapple peach iced tea in bucket-loads). I hated it. I was so bad. It made me angry that I was bad at it, so I challenged myself to get better. First it was two minutes straight running on the treadmill. Then more. I remember the day I ran for ten minutes, no break. I cheered in the gym. Talk about socially awkward, but I don’t care. Months later I was running my first half marathon. I don’t do those anymore, but a 5k here and there keeps me motivated. It has been great for my mental health. I have the tendency to overthink things, and running rolls right over those thoughts, forcing me to focus on stuff like, you know– breathing/staying alive. One of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami has a book about running. I actually owned it way before discovering his other stuff. I still haven’t read it yet. That will be my goal this summer.

So, Frozen on Broadway, was it any good? Hell yes. The cast was amazing, the music was great. Favorite song by far was one of the new ones with Oaken, Hygge. Finding a spider in your shoe– not Hygge! That set though. I used to be a techie back in the high school days, and I appreciate a great set. This is by far the best one I’ve seen. Along with the digital effects during the show. I don’t have a lot of Broadway experience (this is my third show ever), so take that with a grain of salt. I am very lucky, and will get to see Dear Evan Hansen next month. Doubling my musical count in one year! I have to thank my younger sister for that. Her addiction has spread throughout our family.