NYC Pt. 2

Part two as in, a second trip to the big city within a week. This time to see the play, Boys in the Band. It has been a long time since I have seen a play. My sister, who is in high school, says they don’t do them anymore. What? Back in my day (I get to say this because I am double her age), we did two plays AND a musical in one school year. Consequently, that was probably the last time I had seen a play.

I was really excited to see this show because 1. I am a huge Zachary Quinto fangirl and 2. It is high time LGBTQ+ stories were in the mainstream.  The play itself was excellent. I haven’t laughed that much in a while. It was a small slice of life, that talked about big issues. Especially for that time. Everyone was perfect in their characters, and I especially enjoyed the stage setup. I love how something so simple as just an apartment (a super cool apartment), can work so well for the story.

That was my last show planned for the year, unless you count school ones of course :). I might make one more trip to the city this summer, because I am in need of a delicious food tour. Very limited options where we live right now, but that is the price one pays for solitude.

I am in a reading rut right now. Or maybe I am not a summer reader. Just nothing is really sparking my interest right now, other than every review written on an espresso maker ever. To which I still have yet to settle on one. Writing is, meh. About 25k into the rewrite. It is going, albeit slowly. Summer just makes me want to daydream. Okay. Nap. Summer just makes me want to nap.

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