The Importance of Idols

Let me start off by saying, as far as Idols go, my Mom and Dad are #1. I am thankful that they are so supportive in my life, and I am constantly inspired by both of them. When I was child I didn’t really care about anyone famous. To me they were unrealistic and unobtainable concepts of people. Fictional characters were another story. I know, so much more realistic. Namely, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

Okay, yes, I still obsess over them. No, my husband will not let me name our first born son Indiana.

Anthony Bourdain was probably the first ‘famous’ person who inspired me. I was in love with his show, No Reservations, and made my Mom buy all his books for me so I could read them. Thanks Mom! This was at a time where I read nothing other than YA Fantasy, so his writing opened up a whole new genre for me.

A little back story on me as a teenager. Specifically my eating habits. I was such a picky eater that we had a list on our fridge of food I would eat. I am not sure how many meals were listed on there, but if you ask my Stepfather he would probably say no more than ten. Now at this point I already had been bitten by the travel bug. It was like something clicked when I saw my first episode. It was the one where he went to Cambodia.  I think my Mom saved it because she knew I was obsessed with going to Cambodia (I still am, and will one day go).

Food and travel. What a wondrous mixture. I binge-watched as many seasons as possible. I read both Kitchen Confidential and a Cook’s Tour. Bourdain taught me how important food was to a culture. That it was more than just food, but a way of life, a history. And I wanted to try it all. I probably will never be able to go all the places I want to, but food fills some of that void.

So now I force my husband to eat all my ambitious cooking. Or, when I fail spectacularly, make him go out to eat at a new place. And dragging him to other countries when we can. Bless his homebody soul for putting up with my wanderlust. Also for making sure I don’t get hit by bicycles. I am a magnet to their two-wheeled power.

It is sad that we have lost Bourdain, but in the wake of his death it made me realize how important Idols are. I can’t say that everyone famous (or not famous) is worth your time, but I think it is inspiring to look up to people who are hard-working individuals. People who try to open our eyes, who try to make a difference in the world. Whether it be with writing, or music, or just being a decent human being. I like to follow people who motive me to be better, to work harder. Because when you see these people giving their all, it motivates you to as well.

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