We could all use a little motivation once in a while right? I would be lying if I said I never motivated myself to run with a tasty treat, or a nice drink after cleaning. But rewards can come at a cost, especially if you are doing it with purchased items. So finding other ways to motivate oneself is always good. Which leads me to this:

It started May 1st (yesterday) but it is still a pretty cool concept. I found it on Reddit last October and now he is doing another one. Basically it is a Google spreadsheet that people can log how many words they have written in a day. Despite not knowing anyone else on the list, it still manages to hold me accountable. I want to complete it. You can change your total if you like, but I think I will only do that if I reach 10k early. Baby steps.  Anyone is welcome to add their name to the sheet at any time. It saves it right in your documents so you don’t ever have to find the website again.

This week is going too slow, and too fast at the same time.  So much to do, rather, so much I want to do. On top of those things we have to do. On that note, I am going to go watch YouTube videos to procrastinate.


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