When in doubt, read.


I got this in the mail today. Just what I needed. Finished The Force and the The Astonishing Color of After. Now I just needed something light, comforting. The Marquis de Carabas is one of my all-time favorite characters. The bookmark that came with it was free! How cute. I will never say no to Harry Potter.

No writing still. Not a block, just an overwhelming feeling of how far I have to go. Writing is not a skill of mine. No eloquent words or deep meaning prose from this girl. But the things I see. I see them when I close my eyes at night, stories that unfold, devolving in my dreams. I want to tell the stories. Especially the one about swam monsters in the mall fountain. And everyone being cats. Grade A nightmare from my 7yro mind. Or the one where it was basically the Borrowers gone rogue, tiny people trying to kill me in my sleep. With futuristic cable suspended trains that moved around the ceilings. I’m telling you. There was/is a reason I don’t watch certain things anymore.


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