Self-Service Writing

You know that fine line between things belonging in a story and things just existing in it because the author wanted it to? Well maybe it is not such a fine line, but as a novice writer I fear I might be doing that. I probably am if I have to ask the question.

Okay. I know I am doing it. I think the hard thing about this being my first book, is that I want to jam everything I have ever liked or had interest in, into it.

I already learned an important lesson in NOT giving the reader what they want all the time. It is hard at first because, you are your first reader. But soon you will see the benefit of non-instant gratification. *Eats ice cream right after dinner despite being full because, ice cream.*

No writing yet this week. Though I did some research. Lodestones. Makes for a good ‘oh shit’ word. But no. Lodestones. I think I am on to something, a plot hole finally filling up with content in my mind. I will mull it over with my second helping of ice cream.

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